Richeson75 Competitions

Jack Richeson & Co. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality art materials. As part of our mission to support the visual arts community, we operate the Richeson School of Art & Gallery and have created the Richeson75 International Art Competitions. The Richeson75 competitions are meant to offer a venue in which established and emerging artists may show their latest, best work to a wide and appreciative audience. The 75 finalists for each regular contest will exhibit their work in our beautiful Richeson Gallery and in the online exhibit. The Richeson75 online competitions also reach a wide audience with online exhibits of the 75 finalists' work. All Richeson75 competitions are capped off with the publication of a collectible, limited-edition, full-color, hardcover exhibit book: These books include work of the finalists, and also feature other meritorious entries from the competition. Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. underwrites large cash prizes for Best-In-Show and generous prizes of Richeson art studio furniture and materials for each contest cycle. Please see the prospectus for each show for specific rules and details.